Welcome! I'm a digital rhetorician studying algorithms, networked platforms, and sociopolitical change.

Research & Teaching:

I completed my PhD in Communication Arts & Sciences at Penn State in January 2018, my MA at Penn State in 2014, and my BA at Ripon College in 2012. My primary research is concerned with algorithms, publics, and social justice. I'm also interested in tech policy, online identity, video games, and just about everything "digital." In the classroom, I've taught public speaking, persuasion and propaganda, and courses related to speech & debate. I've coached Penn State's Speech & Debate Society since 2013.

Personal Background:

I've lived in a number of places, including Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. I've spent six years in State College, where I enjoy the hiking, breweries, and locally-sourced food. I'm a tech early adopter, sci-fi geek, and board gamer. I'm a dungeon master for Dungeons & Dragons, a pun aficionado, and an animal lover (I live with three roommates, two dogs, and my two rats, Merry and Pippin).